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Welcome to Wildcat Pawn and Gun. We are your one stop shop for everything ranging from a Remington 700 that'll accompany you in the deer stand to a good used ATV to get you there. We are blue collar working people and our goal is to provide you with a combination of the best prices and customer service you deserve on every product we sell. We have one of the best firearms selections in Eastern Kentucky and a myriad of accessories to make each one unique. We feature a ever changing selection of tools, motorcycles, fishing equipment, vehicles, etc to scratch any itch you may have at discount prices the box stores can't touch. We always offer top dollar on loans for your pawned items. We will buy, sale and trade on anything of value. We are a working class family run business and truly appreciated every customer. Find something you can't live without then swing in to check out the retail store.



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Unbeatable Bargains

Ask any man what he loves? Ranking right between his wife and a bacon cheeseburger is a good deal on something. If he says otherwise he's most likely lying. We offer hands down the best bargains to be had on anything you can dream of. We had horse drawn wagons and racing go karts on our lot simultaneously for sale. You truly never know what you'll find at a bargain in our store. We post weekly updates of items and offer thousands of items in the retail store. Come by and check us out. We currently have deals on Dewalt, Sthil, Mathews bows, Craftsman tools and lots of other items. You don't have enough stuff if you can fit it in the garage. Let us help with that.


Class 3 Items


Wildcat Pawn and Gun is your local dealer for Class 3 items. We here at Wildcat Guns would like to walk you through any questions you may have regarding all Class 3 items.
1) What are class 3 items?
They are items that are restricted by the government and require a tax stamp to purchase. These are items such as silencers, short barrel rifles, shotguns with barrels under 18 inches and full auto guns.

2) Are they legal to own? Yes. The previous mentioned tax stamp ranges from $5 to $200 depending on the item purchased which is in addition to the cost of the item. A tax stamp is a fee paid to the government to offset additional background checks that accompanies the owning of a Class 3 item. With a few steps and the appropriate amount of money you can legally own a suppressor, short barreled rifle, shotgun or certain machine guns.

3) Why do I need one? Well this is the fun subjective part of the answers. You don't NEED one but any red blooded American wants one of the above. A SBR is a very practical home defense gun and paired with a suppressor will handle all those needs without the need for hearing aids for the rest of your life. Ever shoot inside a closed in area? Exactly. A suppressor can and will make you and others a better shot, It makes shooting an entirely more comfortable experience by eliminating much of the bang associated with shooting. The hunting market is a fast growing field for suppressor use also. Shotguns are great for home use and all around bad situations you may find yourself in. The problem of them being unwieldy is cured by legally having a 14 inch barrel pump gun behind the door. If you're still in doubt swing on by and let us walk you through the steps and just talk it over. You may be nicely surprised at some of the upsides of Class 3 items.


Wildcat Pawn & Gun

We have a couple hundred guns in stock at all times, we can order anything you want, and we are very competitive...... Come by and check us out.....


Long Guns

Looking for that Remington 700 to deer hunt with? Want to prove them wrong with a Savage? More of a Winchester man?Marlin lever guns where your hearts at? Need a home defense shotgun? Into long range shooting? Want to be part of the AR vs AK argument? We have everything you need to suit every need. We carry brands from Rock River, Remington, Savage, CZ, Bushmaster, POF, Marlin, Ruger and many others. If you do not see what you're looking for just call us or stop in. We can order virtually anything you desire.

Hand Guns

The handgun is as much a iconic piece of American history as any material item. It earned its rightful place whether it was the Colt gleaming in the sun on a cowboys hip or a 1911 carried by a WW2 soldier going to battle. Handguns are the most widely used weapon and for a good reason. When something goes bump in the night or we are arming ourselves for daily carry the handgun is the go to choice. Come in today and find what suits you. We have a huge selection of Glock, Sprigfield, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Kahr, STI, Colt, Sig, Ruger, H&K, Kimber, Kel-Tech and many others. We will do all we can to find the handgun that you need.


No gun purchase is complete without ammo. We carry a full selection of quality ammunition. We proudly feature brands such as Hornady, Federal, CCI, Speer, Remington, Buffalo Bore, Winchester, Wolf and a host of others. We carry calibers from your favorite .22 to 50 BMG. We offer bulk deals on all popular calibers and yes we have the hard to find bulk .22. Stop in today and grab some ammo. Put some lead downrange.


A firearm is much like a automotive purchase. The initial purchase is just the beginning. Accessories is what makes it your own. We have all your needs covered. We carry those spare mags you'll need. Those custom build AR parts? We got them. We have scopes, red dots, RMR's spotting scopes and binoculars. Cleaning kits or laser bore sights? Carry those as well. Virtually anything you can think of or desire we either carry or can order. We proudly carry products from Magpul, G Code, Glock, BCM, Rock River, Vortex, BladeTech, BlackHawk, Galco and many more.

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